Steady Success

Our expertise enables us to find value where others don’t, resulting in investments that become stable assets. 

We are an expert equity firm with a reputation for identifying, purchasing, and stabilizing opportunistic properties with expedience.

Our Core Characteristics

Adding Value At Every Opportunity


We know sellers don’t have time to go back and forth – neither do we. We have the experience and the capital to close quickly.


The sellers and brokers we work with know they can count on us to come through. We’re reliable, responsive, and always stick to our word.


Your goal is selling your building, ours is buying it. We’re always willing to get creative and work with sellers to make a deal.

Our Leadership

Joel Rosenberg, CEO

Joel Rosenberg is an experienced real estate professional who specializes in analyzing and identifying great deals through well-calculated projections and creative thinking. He understands the market, the players, and all variables involved. Joel leads a collaborative effort toward a singular vision through solid relationships with industry experts and actionable plans designed to fully transform and maximize the performance of under-valued properties. He has won the trust of investors and business associates with his trademark integrity, transparency, and unwavering moral standards.
Meet Our Team

The People Behind the Portfolio

Abraham Rosenberg

Director of Acquisitions

[email protected] 908-388-5400 ext 104

Isaac Fischman

Director of Property Management

[email protected] 908-388-5400 ext 103

It’s Time To Reach New Heights

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